Musicians and artists for your private events
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Our motivation
So many talented artists deserve to be known. But the opportunities to play are limited, and the pay is frequently disappointing, especially for unknown artists. Not to mention that from the concert, CD or mp3 price, only a small portion actually goes to the artist. In a small home-concert, all the money goes to the artist, and the feeling is unique and human sized, you'll love it!
The extra for inviting friends at home!
You want to offer your friends a nice special evening? Find talented artist on this site, that will give your event a highlight, whether it's for a birthday, a wedding, or just for the pleasure to spend time with your friends in a good atmosphere! A classy evening with an hour of listening to live jazz in your flat, an afternoon of storytelling in your garden for the friends of your children, or a birthday in the forest with barbecue and a concert of rock as the evening highlight!
Find some place, it can be in a small flat, a large terrace, or a garden.
Define your budget: You can explicitly share the costs with your friends, invite them gracefully, or share it differently depending on the means of each.
Choose the style of music that will appeal to most of your guests. Music is universal, but the musical tastes are very different. Whatever style of music, about 40 minutes of service is generally appreciated, and keeps a maximum of attention for the artist.
Respect your kind neighbours, for example by starting the concert early enough.